Moringa – The Queen of Superfoods

A tropical tree which has not yet gained the popularity it deserves is no miracle homeopathic drug or solution to most insidious diseases of the world. It's just a plant the effects of which will persuade you of the immense power of nature.

This plant of Indian origin is relatively unknown in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This is really a shame. "Although not many people have heard about Moringa so far, soon it will rank among the most valuable plants of the world." said Dr. Noel Vietmeyer of US National Academy of Sciences in Washington about moringa.


Growing health

Moringa leaves contain variety of vitamins and minerals. They represent the source of B1-B12 vitamins, vitamin C, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. You sure know natural products rich in antioxidants; broccoli, sweet potatoes or ginger contain many of them. You only need to take couple of them, after all, it will help your body. Moringa contains astounding 46 antioxidants! Just add 18 essential amino acids, high concentration of chlorophyll, significant amount of omega 3, 6, 9 unsaturated fatty acids and you get a superfood which is not so easy to come by.


Help for various ailments

Already mentioned vitamins and minerals contained in moringa leaves are effective for blood vessels problems, asthma or Crohn's disease. The leaves have anti-inflammatory effect and work also as prevention against cold and flu. It proved to be effective also for diabetics due to its potency to lower blood sugar levels. It also helps to fight against fatigue and stress. 

Moringa does not leave either women aside. Rare element zeatin slows down aging of the cells, which makes it an amazing anti-aging factor fighting against wrinkles and characterized by a positive effect on the skin. The effect of zeatin has been studied in detail by a number of research centres, such as the Danish Centre for Molecular Gerontology.


Fascinated scientific community 

It is no secret that moringa fascinates numerous leading centres for scientific research. For example, its ability to nourish our cells is the motive for research for the microbiologists.

"Substances contained in moringa help human cells and basically every organ to gain elasticity. Cytoplasmic membrane is more elastic. The cell allows a smooth supply of nutritive substances and removes harmful waste products. The cell breathes, thanks to moringa it is well nourished and therefore it lives longer. Moringa thus contributes to the regeneration of the body and actually prolongs human life, "said Tatiana Gryazneva, the acclaimed microbiologist. However, moringa is very often associated with a number of myths. Dozens of portals, for example, claim that moringa directly cures four or even six types of cancer. Of course this is nonsense. Chemotherapy and biological treatment methods in the treatment of cancer cannot unfortunately be replaced by anything, although moringa is often mentioned in connection with the fact that it can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Prestigious universities (e.g. John Hopkins University), thoroughly study its properties with the aim to develop a vaccine that could help fight against this insidious disease more than ever before.


Beware of the myths

Information about moringa is often exaggerated and dubious TV shows such as the Doctor Oz. Show tend to transfer this exceptional plant into the realm of homeopathic and shamanic medicinal products. Moringa deserves much more attention and respect.

Therapeutic effects of moringa are not the remedy to all diseases of the world, even though it contains numerous antioxidants and effective substances. Even the renowned portal states that the moringa leaves contain four times more proteins than yoghurt, ten times more vitamin A than carrot or seventeen times more calcium than milk.

Overview of the most important ingredients and their functions:

  • Essential amino acids: protect against free radicals 
  • Vitamin A: essential for healthy vision 
  • Vitamin C: boosts the immune system 
  • Calcium: essential for healthy teeth and bones 
  • Magnesium: stimulates blood circulation 
  • Potassium: ensures proper metabolism 
  • Iron: essential for supplying cells with oxygen 
  • Zinc:  has anti-inflammatory effects for the body
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: essential for proper brain function 
  • Zeatin: a vital chemical transfer agent that carries all of these substances where needed