Moringa – the use and effects of the miracle tree

Widely applicable universal plant moringa can be recommended to anyone who wants to cover their daily extra need of numerous essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, without having to resort to synthetically produced nutritional supplements.

Healing power is hidden in the leaves

Moringa is actually the plant with the richest source of nutrients known so far. A number of valuable nutrients and vital substances are found in optimal amounts mainly in the leaves or powder from the leaves. Special attention should be paid to the high content of amino acids, since 18 out of 20 known essential amino acids were found in the moringa leaves. Human body itself cannot produce them, but they are an important agent for the oxygen transport in the body, for the ability to concentrate and for many important functions of the brain.

High amounts of antioxidants were also found in m0oringa. They are essential for the proper functioning of the body because they protect us against free radicals which can often be the cause of diseases. The so-called ORAC values (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), by which it is possible to determine the extent to which free radicals are trapped, are significantly higher for moringa than for other plants. This proves exceptionally good antioxidant properties of the plant.

Interesting is also recently discovered ingredient zeatin. The moringa leaves surprisingly contain up to 1000 times more zeatin than other plants. Zeatin is actually a growth hormone which is abundantly found in Moringa and thus is responsible for its fast growth. However, hormone zeatin works in our body as a chemical transfer agent which ensures that all important vital substances which are found in moringa will be adopted and used by human body. Another advantage is that zeatin blocks the degradation of chlorophyll in the leaves. Thanks to this, the break down of the proteins and vital substances found in the moringa leaves is significantly slower, which is a great advantage for further processing of the leaves into powder because the nutrients remain preserved for long time even in the powder.


Overview of the most important ingredients and their functions:

  • Essential amino acids: protect against free radicals
  • Vitamin A: essential for healthy vision
  • Vitamin C: boosts the immune system
  • Calcium: essential for healthy teeth and bones
  • Magnesium: stimulates blood circulation
  • Potassium: ensures proper metabolism
  • Iron: essential for supplying cells with oxygen
  • Zinc:  has anti-inflammatory effects for the body
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: essential for proper brain function
  • Zeatin: a vital chemical transfer agent that carries all of these substances where needed


Like all the other parts of moringa tree its leaves can also be used in many ways. In the countries of origin the leaves are mostly eaten raw, boiled, steamed or roasted. They also use them for preparation of tea which is traditionally drunk as prevention against diseases and to boost health and it is also applied externally, for example for skin problems. However, in our geographical latitudes the powder from moringa leaves is particularly important. During drying and grinding the leaves preserve long-life quality without losing their effect and can be transported directly to our homes. The miracle tree from the Far East thus provides us in the form of capsules our daily extra amount of all the nutrients and vital substances.


For whom in particular is Moringa suitable?

Versatile and universal plant moringa can be recommended to anyone who wants to cover their daily extra need of numerous important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, without having to resort to synthetically produced nutritional supplements. Moreover, in Ayurvedic medicine moringa has been for centuries highly appreciated as a miraculous universal remedy for a variety of common problems. Consumption of the leaves or powder from the leaves of moringa can help with poor nutrition or malnutrition, anemia, headaches, fluctuating blood pressure, tendency to inflammation and skin infections, diarrhea or fever. However there are certain groups of people for whom consuming the plant is particularly recommended even if they do not suffer from any of the above difficulties.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Powder from the moringa leaves or leaves as such consumed as a dietary supplement during pregnancy can support healthy development of the fetus and positively affect the lactation. The child can additionally receive many important vitamins and minerals from the body of the mother and later from the breast milk. Particularly worth mentioning are the amino acids arginine and histidine contained in the plant. The production of these acids in the body of the child during the growth stage is not sufficient, even though they are necessary for the child´s healthy development.



Consumption of moringa is beneficial not only for infants but also for older and growing children since large amounts of nutrients and structural elements contained in it have positive effect on their growth and particularly on the development of the brain and nerve cells. In addition, high content of vitamin C boosts the immune system of children.



Performance athletes or people who generally perform under high pressure should pay special attention to balanced diet because they have an increased need of nutrients and vital substances. Moringa can help them get all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins in a suitable form and to maintain their performance in a completely natural way. This is due to the high content of iron and vitamins A and C in moringa which are responsible for constant and sufficient supply of oxygen to blood and for stabilized blood circulation. In addition, numerous amino acids and a high content of calcium positively influence the growth of muscle mass. Antioxidants provide additional protection to the cell tissue during increased physical activity.



Consumption of moringa is also recommended for elderly people to stay fit and vital up to a great age. A balanced diet rich in nutrients can prevent many of the problems associated with the higher age. The moringa leaves are the optimal source of all vital substances that the elderly people need.



Moringa is also important for vegetarians and especially for vegans because they often suffer from symptoms of a lack of certain substances. Therefore, many of them wonder how they can meet their need of protein, calcium and iron and at the same time abstain from food of animal origin. The substances contained in the leaves may solve this problem because they contain more protein than eggs or yoghurt, significantly more iron than spinach and many times exceed the content of calcium in milk.