Moringa as a remedy for insidious diabetes

It is well known that the diabetes has become a worldwide epidemic. You or your relatives have probably come across the disease. People have to adapt to the disease and in more serious forms regular doses of insulin give them hard times. However even such conservative treatment can be supported by something new which can enrich it and make it more effective. Of course we are talking about moringa.

Each year more than 350 000 people are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in our country and the tendency is alarmingly rising. If the current trend continues, in 2050 every third man and almost 40 percent of women will have diabetes.  Increasing is also the number of children with acquired II type diabetes which was previously called diabetes of adults because it only affected older people.

Prevention is important

Prevention against diabetes is known as diabetes escape plan. As the name of the method of prevention indicates – the doctors aim to promote active movement. Of course good nutrition, less sweet food, white flour and fats of animal origin will also help.

The disease itself has been under the scrutiny of scientists and diabetologists for longer period of time. Scientists are still doing researches on reduction of blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes and they very often come across moringa in the development of more effective substances


Moringa fascinates experts n diabetes

Professor Wolfgang Vierling of the Technical University in Munich, for example reported that the moringa leaves contain ingredients that reduce blood sugar levels. Chromium contained in moringa helps to multiply the effects of insulin and supports the absorption of glucose from the blood. Of course, like in other fields various myths about the miraculous use of moringa were made, it is no different in the context of diabetes. Moringa itself is not a solution for widespread suppression of this disease. However, were it not for the healers of India, the scientists would not be able to determine its active ingredients that can be combined with the clinical treatment of diabetes. The fact is that in the world of plants, you won't find anything more effective for diabetes than moringa. Even at the University Hospital in Dakar and Senegal the patients with diabetes were inquired about using various medical plants. From a total of 41 plants the usage of moringa was most frequently reported with the result of 65.9 per cent. 


Testing under scrutiny

Portal sciencedirect reported on a number of studies that supported many of previous scientific researches. Egyptian scientists tested the effects of moringa on the rats which are commonly used in these laboratories. They came to very interesting conclusions. Extract from moringa caused in the test subjects glucose levels reduction from 380 percent to 145 percent, thus their blood sugar level was reduced by two and a half times. At the same time the level of very important antioxidant glutathione increased in their blood from 22 to 73 percent.

In a recent study of Medical University Hainan in China, published in the prestigious magazine Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, scientists managed to confirm the antidiabetic effect of moringa. An extensive study confirms also the successful fight of moringa as supplementary medication with hyperglycaemia, i.e. the condition of diabetics, when the level of glucose in the blood increases above 10 mmol/l. 


Moringa can be useful in a variety of treatments and diabetes is no exception. Although it cannot resolve severe forms of diabetes itself, it is proved that it helps to relieve the symptoms when combined with the standard therapy.