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The Green fighter against fatigue

We already know that moringa has a number of active substances, vitamins and antioxidants. However, we are often unable to utilize the superfoods and plants rich in a variety of beneficial substances in everyday life. Can they help us, for example, with fatigue or exhaustion? While drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, we think of the way these substances could be best used for our body so that we can fight against symptoms of chronic fatigue. We ponder over it up to the moment when we fo...

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All that glitters is not gold, or - look a gift moringa at leaves

You know it. In this busy world people chase after imaginary assurances and often get burned in pursuit of the perfect goods. Many times they are tricked by melodic and visually attractive ads and products enticing mainly by sophisticated pricing policy. However, apparently good price need not mean sufficient quality. This is also the case of moringa products that are currently flooding the market not only in terms of the poor quality but in some cases they even represent risk for your health.

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Moringa – the use and effects of the miracle tree

Widely applicable universal plant moringa can be recommended to anyone who wants to cover their daily extra need of numerous essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, without having to resort to synthetically produced nutritional supplements.

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Moringa – The Queen of Superfoods

A tropical tree which has not yet gained the popularity it deserves is no miracle homeopathic drug or solution to most insidious diseases of the world. It's just a plant the effects of which will persuade you of the immense power of nature.

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