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Moringa Ginger Caribbean

Capsules containing pure and high quality powder from the unique combination of Moringa Caribbean and Ginger. Organically grown on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean.
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Dosage: 2 times a day 2 capsules (daily dose of 1.2 g of pure ginger divided into two portions).Antioxidant effect: Ginger is high on the antioxidant list and has an impressive ODAC = 28,811 (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). One of its components, called 6-gingerol, is capable of significantly suppressing the production of highly reactive nitrogen molecules and nitrogen oxides, which are rapidly formed by dangerous free radicals - peroxynitrides. Ginger helps protect the body from glutathione (antioxidant and free radical destroyer).Anti-inflammatory effect: Ginger is important in the treatment of inflammation and is suitable for natural relief from pain. In the ginger is many substances that give it a typical flavor and smell: zingerones, shogollas and gingerols. These oils effectively act against bacteria, viruses, molds and parasites.Support digestion and metabolism: Ginger is used to support digestion. It is classified as an anti-infusion and intestinal suppressant and is stimulated to move. It promotes bile formation and thus greatly aids digestion of fats.Reduction of nausea: Ginger reduces nausea, acts against nausea while traveling and removes so-called " morning sickness during pregnancy. According to a study of 1,278 pregnant women, the effective dose is 1.1-1.5 grams of ginger.Antidiabetic effects: According to the latest studies, gingivitis has an effect on the stabilization of blood glucose levels and prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases. It also has a positive effect on cholesterol and triglycerides.Product quality: Our specialty is the cultivation of vines on the volcanic island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean, with strictly controlled processing and storage in accordance with the strictest standards of material type, hygiene control and sterility. Our products are highly nutritious, clean, non-chemical, pesticidal and herbicide-free and of premium quality.




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